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Healthcare | Atlantic Canada

Northside Community Health Complex

Sydney, Nova Scotia (with HDR and PCL Construction)

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Healthcare Redevelopment will provide long overdue upgrades to several facilities throughout the municipality to better meet the needs of families, patients and communities. The Northside Health Complex is one project in the redevelopment that includes includes a central laundry facility, a central utility plant, a 60 bed long term care facility and a community health centre with 12 Short Stay bed units. This facility will improve general functionality by creating an efficient healing environment optimizing flow of staff, patients, residents, visitors, services and information.

The design shapes the complex into a clear and easy to navigate facility that was created through the eyes of the patient. The openness and direct visibility of the main entrance greets all patients, visitors and staff allowing each person to orient themselves to the main patient areas. The main lobby serves as a prominent public place, filled with light and providing direct links to amenities. Within the main east-west spine, patients and visitors will have direct views to the outdoors; this provides a sense of discovery upon the first visit and an opportunity to reconnect upon their return.

Visit the Build NS Website for more information on the Northside Community Health Project