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Education | Northern Ontario

North Caribou Lake School

North Caribou First Nation, Ontario

The new school for North Caribou Lake First Nation provides educational programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in a 4830 m² (51,991 sq. ft.) building on a 7.2 hectare site. The design of the building is inspired by the familiar experience of walking through a forest, with access to natural daylight and views to the outside. All classrooms, special education and administration areas have exterior windows, providing a connection to nature, time of day and the changing seasons. The main entrances, cafeteria, and gymnasium entrance have natural light streaming in from high level clerestory windows, helping to support a healthy, inspiring environment for students and staff.

An artwork and mural program and commemorative photography exhibit reflect local culture, community, and the importance of elders and inter-generational learning with dedicated spaces inside and outside. The Seven Sacred Teachings are featured on acoustic panels in the cafeteria. A written program for implementing local art within the school was developed, which included size of art, type and location. The community chose to use student artwork to suit the program.