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Healthcare | Atlantic Canada

New Waterford Community Hub

New Waterford, Nova Scotia (with HDR Architecture)

As part of the CBRM Health Care Redevelopment Project, New Waterford and the surrounding area will have a new, modern health centre and a 60-bed long-term care home. The health centre and long term care home will be built with a new, modern school and community wellness centre, creating a multi-functional community hub. The community hub model offers hands-on learning opportunities and new programming for students in health-care related fields. It also provides opportunities to share facilities and maintenance services.

This project will be Canada’s first model to deliver healthcare, long term care and education programs in one building. This combination of integrated programs will offer opportunities for every community member, young and old, to be more proactive towards their mental and physical health. It will allow community elders to see and be engaged with a vibrant campus filled with educators and school children daily while being a floor away from the healthcare professionals. The combination of programs offers additional opportunities for community engagement and events.

Visit the Build NS Website for more information on the New Waterford Community Hub Project