Education | Atlantic Canada

New Glasgow Academy

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

New Glasgow Academy is nestled in the midst of an established neighborhood in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. The exterior of the building features a lively combination of bright colors, derived from homes in the surrounding neighborhood and the primary colors of the Nova Scotia Tartan.

The planning concept has clearly articulated the school into two primary components, a 3-storey Academic Wing and a 2-storey shared pavilion, featuring the Cafeteria, Gymnasium/Active Healthy Living Room, Music Rooms and Administrative Block. These two portions of the school are hinged together by a 2-storey high Media Centre/Library strategically located at the intersection of all school activities. The shared pavilion is the cultural heart of the School and features a 2-storey high atrium providing the school a community like experience.

The atrium, or learning street, also features a gracefully curved series of steps leading up to the Active Healthy Living Space providing a natural place for students to sit and gather during portions of the school day, promoting social interaction, collaboration or just plain fun. Local art, in the form of a massive 2-storey totem pole, and a tile mosaic in the floor, contributes to the success of this space, by introducing cultural elements of the surrounding community in one of the key places the building.