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Industrial | Western Canada

Mount Pleasant Substation

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Mount Pleasant Substation is part of BC Hydro’s Vancouver City Central Transmission Project and will serve load in the South False Creek area. The substation building is designed to house 230/12kV step down transformers, 230kV switchgear and 12kV switchgear and equipment.

The site is zoned as Industrial, but is adjacent to a series of heritage type residences and low-rise commercial properties. It has therefore been designed to reduce building mass near the residences, preserve light and views, enhance green space and minimize light and noise pollution. The project received input from the community and was subject to a full Development Permit process. The facility is designed to a post-disaster Code standard and achieved LEED® Silver Certification and includes many sustainable design features such as energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, low-emitting materials, reduced parking, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and low emissivity roof.