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Monte Barreto Hotel

Havana, Cuba

The Monte Barreto Hotel project is located on a significant oceanfront property in the Miramar district in Playa Municipality, Habana City. This hotel and conference centre is comprised of three wings which are organized around a magnificent Cuban garden (called El Barrio del Medio). The hotel features modern Art Deco and Cuban-inspired elements that create a luxury atmosphere for sophisticated travelers, while integrating with the surrounding architecture, typical of Havana. The concept emphasizes urban integration, enabling the hotel guests and the surrounding population to participate events and experiences year-round

This multifunction urban resort complex has more than 700 guestrooms, including apartments, and a major conference center that can accommodate over 2100 attendees on two floors of meeting area. The complex also features numerous entertainment, food and beverage outlets and a spa/health and recreational center. Retail spaces open towards the streetscape and are integrated with other hotel functions.