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Security & Defence | Ottawa

Mid-Term Accommodation Project (MTAP)

Ottawa, Ontario

The Mid-Term Accommodation Project (MTAP) in Ottawa was the initial component of a much larger complex which houses Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), Canada’s national cryptologic agency.

“This facility is the initial component in a much larger complex that will usher in a new era of openness and progress for CSEC. Working with the architects of the newly-formed Architecture49, we were able to exceed all our expectations for a workplace with a secure and bright future.” MTAP spokesperson

MTAP houses a wide range of secure offices, training and support facilities. Every aspect of the building’s design incorporated innovations in security, sustainability and planning – from its low transparent form and 75% conservation of the greenfield site’s existing forest to the unobtrusive integration of sophisticated physical security measures.

This project was an important and high-profile investment in openness and presence for the CSEC, who set ambitious targets for systems performance, reliability, environmental quality, and life-cycle economies of efficiency and flexibility.