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Gurgaon, New Delhi (collaboration PCJA)

Medicity is a vast and ground-breaking healthcare facility built in the southwest New Delhi suburb of Gurgaon. The full-service medical centre includes 1,500 beds, intensive care, pediatric and neonatal units, emergency and diagnostic facilities, laboratories, and all the services, parking and resources needed to care for families of New Delhi.

“In designing a building such as Medicity, we need to incorporate a vast number of services, facilities, and highly technical requirements—all brought together into a space that provides a caring, efficient and seamless experience to those who need it most.” Alexandre Sauvé, Designer

The facility includes a residence for nurses and medical personnel, a school of medicine, a research centre and a post-operative care facility. Supporting the professional and citizen population are a conference centre, auditorium, and a shopping and food court. Facility outpatient services include 20 cardiac care examination rooms, 68 examination rooms, and 30 surgery suites.