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Mayflower Curling Club

Timberlea, Nova Scotia

The new Mayflower Curling Club aims to embody the spirit and aspirations of the former Club, in a new, modern facility. The space has been crafted in a way that promotes inclusivity and community, catering to everyone from their youngest enthusiasts to seasoned veterans. The building’s program provides two large halls on each floor. These halls are supported by beverage bar’s and the upper banquette hall includes a full service kitchen. The facility includes several large changing facilities, several multi-purpose rooms, and staff offices. The ice shed features eight curling sheets, and all ice related amenity.

Designed with versatility in mind, the facility features two spacious halls on each floor, along with beverage bars and a fully equipped upper banquette hall complete with a kitchen. Additionally, there are ample changing facilities, multipurpose rooms, and staff offices to meet various needs.

Conveniently located in suburban Halifax, the building boasts a striking entrance lantern and colorful fins adorning the ice shed, paying homage to curling's heritage. Inside, the interior seating "curling theatre" provides a unique viewing experience, while the elevated banquette hall caters to weddings and ceremonies.