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Science & Technology, Education | Atlantic Canada

Life Sciences Research Institute

Halifax, Nova Scotia

As a series of high-tech labs for advanced learning, Dalhousie’s Life Sciences Research Institute is a shared space that represents innovation in science and design. The North Tower, owned and operated by Dalhousie University, houses the internationally famous Brain Repair Center, while the South Tower is an incubator lab facility run by Innovacorp. The result is a tenancy and design response that was seamlessly executed, a multi-storey structure with a soaring atrium for daily collaboration.

“The LSRI joins like minds together for everything from lunchtime brainstorming to quiet reading to active experimentation among parallel disciplines. A facility like this is designed to forward the seeking of knowledge.” Craig Mosher, Design Architect

The facility brings together entirely distinct and unique work spaces for the Canadian Lipid Research Council, the Brain Repair Centre, and an Animal Care Facility (Vivarium), and an array of incubator space and offices. The building has an open and flexible central lab block with support spaces, distribution of lab services, visitor and freight transportation, and a dedicated loading dock for shipping / receiving. It has 100% configurable floor space with complete flexibility for labs, offices or other functions.