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Transportation | Western Canada

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

Vancouver, British Columbia

As the hub of a popular ferry route between the city of Vancouver and Vancouver Island and gateway to the Gulf Islands, the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal plays a role in the continued viability of the Province’s tourism industry as well as servicing residents of coastal towns and cities. The building and site with its connecting bridges, terminal and civic square, is not only an efficient multi-model transportation hub, but is a key community gathering space. The new ticketing and baggage handling building with recently updated passenger lounges serves as the main connector for all foot passengers and functions seamlessly with vehicular and vessel traffic.

“A building like this is iconic on the tourism and transportation stage, but it also needs high functionality to move a large capacity of passengers and vehicles. This building provides a beautiful gateway with the best possible flow-through of people.” Elisa Brandts, Former National Sector Leader, Transportation

The terminal is designed to be open and airy, and is conceived to allow for maximum visual exposure as well as way-finding to Horseshoe Bay, the village and the ferries.