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Garron Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Halifax, Nova Scotia (in collaboration with Cannon Design)

The Garron Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a mental health unit that promotes health and well-being for children, adolescents and youth who suffer from mental health illness. This centre is a part of the IWK Health Centre – the Maritime region's leading healthcare and research centre dedicated to the well-being of women, children, youth and families.

The new inpatient mental health unit will enhance the exceptional work of the IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program staff and physicians. We will continue to provide excellent treatment for conditions such as psychosis, depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder in children and teens, but the unit's environment will now contribute additional therapeutic effects to our interventions. The physical space will truly be part of the healing process. Dr. Kathleen Pajer, Chief of Psychiatry, IWK Health Centre

The centre was designed to resemble modern university residences because it was important that the rooms be bright, casual and inviting. The 14 patient bedrooms each feature a desk, sitting area and large window. Bright blues and greens, natural light and common areas with fireplaces are welcoming to patients, their families and staff. There are also several designated ‘tranquil areas’ where patients can go if they need quiet or relaxation. The configuration of the unit also makes the nursing stations more central and approachable, while providing appropriate monitoring and control of patient movement.