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Education | Ottawa

École Michel Dupuis (Riverside South Elementary School)

Ottawa, Ontario

École Michel Dupuis (Riverside South Elementary School) is a JK-6 school and daycare that accommodates 250 students and daycare children. The design of the school is derived from the youthful play of children with the intent that it’s an exciting place to learn each day. The exterior of the school uses bright colours and basic forms to express elementary learning tools. Inside, the school features several 21st century learning and teaching principles.

The design includes a multi-purpose library with an academic stair used for gatherings, teaching and assemblies. The library is used for musical performances due to its acoustical benefits and the ability for the academic stair to hold audience members.

An instructional green roof is visible from the upper corridor through a large window that lets light into the 2-storey high atrium space behind it. The green roof is screened by a playful curving form with circular openings and it is anticipated that birds may nest in this area permitting another up-close learning opportunity for young students.