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Healthcare, Commercial | Northern Ontario

Dilico Eaton's Building Interior Office and Clinic Renovations

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dilico enlisted A49 as the primary consultant to reimagine the former Eaton's Building in Thunder Bay's north core. Over 21,743 square feet of empty space underwent a remarkable transformation into functional offices and clinics, catering to 75-85 Dilico staff and their clients. A thoughtful approach was taken, respecting the building's existing layout, services, and structure. The project brought a fresh exterior storefront, modern accessible washrooms, an array of 19 private offices, 6 specialized clinic spaces, and 8 examination rooms. Amid this functional layout, areas for collaborative workstations, inviting waiting zones, boardrooms, and smaller meeting spaces seamlessly coexist. Notably, a Cultural Room emerged as a testament to diversity and inclusivity, providing a dedicated space for shared experiences. To ensure a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor, the design maximized the infusion of natural daylight through exterior windows into the interior spaces.