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Commercial | Atlantic Canada

Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq Headquarters

Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq (CMM) Headquarters honours the cultural heritage of the Mi'kmaq community. The design process involved close collaboration with the client to understand their working relationships and information flow, ensuring that departments within the building were strategically placed in proximity to one another. The design prioritized open workstations with access to natural light and views, while offices were positioned towards the building's interior. Collaboration spaces were given significant importance, recognizing their role in fostering the creation of ideas. The kitchen, boardrooms, and printing areas were designed as dynamic activity spaces. Mi'kmaq cultural cues guided the selection of finishes and colors throughout the building. While many areas were kept neutral, the office walls were intentionally left white to serve as a canvas for local art and artifacts, which are being gradually incorporated to reflect the community's heritage.