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Combined Mess Quarters

CFB Comox, British Columbia

These new facilities will accommodate all of 19 Wing’s dining and mess requirements, as well as provide quarters to support short training courses and personnel posted to the Wing temporarily. It also includes multi-purpose conference and training rooms and administration functions.

The design for the facilities captures the essence of its purpose, a sense of place in the landscape, and the spirit of military culture. Combining all ranks in one facility is contrary to tradition, yet it is a reality in today’s military. Nonetheless, the challenge was to respect the need for discretion and identity, while combining all necessary functions in one efficient facility. Identity and privacy are achieved by developing distinct elements for each rank that also define a segregated area of the landscape for private outdoor activities. All of these functions are connected by an extensive public walkway - the “runway.” Drawing from both air force and naval imagery as well as the coastal environment - the Wing is adjacent to the Straight of Georgia, and supports Naval patrol - the building rises out of the ground, reaching out, floating, stretching its wings.