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Science & Technology | Atlantic Canada

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

Logy Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF) is a leading edge facility for research on cold-water and deep-sea organisms and ecosystems, invasive species, and aquatic infectious diseases of importance to fisheries and aquaculture – particularly those from the cold waters of the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans.

The CDRF offers researchers wet and dry laboratories, and also special features such as a local seawater line for continuous flow-through water supply to an AQC3 certified bio-containment facility. The facility is equipped with histology, microscopy, deep-sea and disease challenge equipment, including flow cytometer, confocal microscope, scanning electron microscope, deep-sea chambers, and equipment for pathogen culture/isolation. The Level 3 containment facility makes it safe to work on marine pathogens and invasive species and specialized tanks make it possible to work on animals at depths equivalent to 3,000 metres.