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Cold Lake Health Care Facility

CFB Cold Lake, Alberta

The Cold Lake Integrated Community Health Centre provides primary health care services to Canadian Armed Forces personnel in the community of Cold Lake. The facility includes medical, dental, physiotherapy and mental health services under one roof with specialised functional areas for administration, staff amenities, health care treatment, psycho-social services, diagnostic and therapeutic services, pharmacy, laboratory, community and mental health services, preventative medicine, operations and training. The building is planned to allow for future expansion.

The building is located on a high profile site in Cold Lake. The facility is patient focused and designed to provide a welcoming environment with clear circulation routes for easy wayfinding. The entrance is a two-storey glass box, establishing a clear entry point visible at the larger scale of the roadway and surrounding neighbourhood. A series of canopies and landscape features provide a sheltered exterior walkway. During the summer months, patients can also enjoy the seating in the plaza amongst the greenery.

The health centre was built in response to a need to improve the standard of community health care to a quality equal to that within the provincial systems, and in compliance with health care facility standards and current technical codes and standards. Departments are optimally planned according to up-to-date practice standards, and are based on a modular care delivery system implemented by the Department of National Defence under their Rx2000 Program.