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Education | Atlantic Canada

Charles P. Allen High School

Bedford, Nova Scotia

Charles P. Allen High School was designed for 1200 students in grades 9-12 and features an integrated municipal community centre offering municipal/community programs and services. A driving factor in this school was to incorporate 21st century learning and new trends in education design, and to capitalize on the idea that every space is a learning space.

There are so many more possibilities for us. I can’t imagine what opportunities will be available to our present students and our future students, given all of the unique spaces in this building. Stephanie Bird, Principal

The school makes learning and collaboration the focus throughout the building. For classroom learning, students and teachers were given choices that help accommodate differentiated learning styles – the ability to rearrange furniture, control light and temperature, and have breakout spaces for learning outside the classroom. A connection to exterior spaces was also a central aim of the design, so a large exterior courtyard serves as a primary inspirational area. It is encircled by the drama, art, music, cafetorium, visual arts and student exchange spaces.

The community centre features exercise and activity rooms, meeting rooms, a daycare/pre-school space and gymnasium. It also fosters that sense of community through shared access to the school’s cafetorium and fitness spaces, promoting interaction and collaboration between the school and the local community.