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Security & Defence | Atlantic Canada

Juno Tower, CFB Halifax - Stadacona

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Juno Tower houses the Canadian Navy’s Chiefs’, Petty Officers’ and Officers’ at CFB Stadacona in Halifax. The project placed a significant emphasis on Sustainable Development and included renovations to the existing Officers’ Wardroom, a new Chiefs’ and Petty Officers’ mess, a common galley kitchen and a 12 storey, 158 room residential tower to serve both groups. The 158 room residential tower delivers basic needs (quiet rooms with storage) and promotes a feeling of comfort and well-being.

The individual accommodations in the residential tower are a home away from home for trainees, so it is important they not only provide for basic needs (e.g. quiet rooms with storage that would accommodate a multi-seasonal stay) but promote a feeling of comfort and well-being.

“By designing for CFB Halifax, we were given the chance to create a space that would engender a sense of naval tradition, pride and dignity.” Craig Mosher, Design Architect

The design incorporated environmentally friendly materials with low VOC emissions and a high proportion of recycled content, with an emphasis on air quality, energy conservation and environmental controls—elements that give the building flexibility in reacting to variable demand. The new facility achieved CBIP energy efficiency status, with 34% energy savings relative to MNECB.