Culture | Ontario

Canadian Aviation Museum

Ottawa, Ontario (in collaboration with Provencher Roy)

The Canada Aviation Museum facilities form a cohesive and highly visible addition to the existing museum complex. The three basic components to this project were the main addition, which includes a storage hangar, restoration hangar, specialized maintenance workshops and offices; an adjacent building, including administrative services, a library and documentation centre; and an underground link which houses an art gallery, exhibition area, classroom and service areas.

"The architectural language is simple and bold, creating a clear and identifiable symbol of the power and grace of flight." Bruno Verenini, Architect in charge

With its wing-like shape and its reflective steel shell (reminiscent of traditional hangars), the architecture respects the spirit of the museum. The gently sloping building forms unify the new complex, while contrasting it with the site and the existing museum, thereby highlighting the uniqueness of each. The simply modulated, reflective metal shell contrasts with the muted colors of the surroundings, and dramatically increases visibility from the parkways. The glazed public face, underground link and intermediate-scale landscaping emphasize the entry to the building, highlight the existing taxiway, and reveal the collection to both visitors and passers-by.