Education | Atlantic Canada

Bluenose Academy

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Bluenose Academy is a contemporary, state of the art, P-9 school designed for over 500 students. The 3-storey academic wing features a saw tooth configuration, which gives a domestic scale to the building and reinvents corridors as learning space opportunities.

Understanding what makes an effective school design is important. The design aspects of Bluenose [Academy] proposed by Architecture49 helped produce a learning institution that we are proud of and will serve our students well into the future. Steve Prest, South Shore Regional School Board

The school shares its space with the Lunenburg community, and in turn has access to many other nearby community recreational facilities (community pool, arena, curling club, skate park, and playing field). Sharing the library, cafeteria, music room, drama room, tech-space and gymnasium ensures the maximum use of the building and eliminates the need to build a separate community centre elsewhere.

The historic town of Lunenburg, its UNESCO World Heritage status, and its distinctive architecture inspired the scale, surface texture, roof, and window configuration of the school. The exterior colour scheme was inspired by the characteristic deep red colour seen in many of the town’s waterfront buildings, as well as the white paint and black trim of the town’s churches and civic buildings. The interior scheme reflects the traditional dorey colours and the varnished spars and booms that would be so well-recognized by the residents of this shipbuilding and seafaring community. The school was designed to LEED Gold standards and sustainable elements included natural light for 75% of the occupied space, green roof, solar hot water collectors, 80% reduction of wastewater, and a superior building envelope.