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Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea (BLT) Community Centre

Lakeside, Nova Scotia

The Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Recreation Centre (BLT) is set to replace the outdated Lakeside Recreation Centre, aligning with modern community needs. This innovative facility is designed for inclusivity, featuring spaces catering to diverse age groups—from preschoolers to seniors. Prominently located on St. Margaret’s Bay Road, the architectural nod to surrounding neighborhoods promotes a sense of community. The 28,720 sq.ft. facility boasts a central indoor street, a welcoming reception area, and versatile spaces, including an 8,400 sq.ft. gymnasium. Not just a physical hub, the BLT is a promise of community unity with a community kitchen facilitating diverse events. As a Net Zero Ready structure, the BLT Recreation Centre embraces sustainability, marking a pivotal step towards a more eco-conscious and connected community.