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Activa Sportsplex

Kitchener, Ontario

Activa Sportsplex is home to the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy and the Kitchener Minor Hockey Association. The complex features two NHL sized ice arenas, a boxing training facility, a 4-lane indoor oval and a multi-use space. By providing more recreational facilities for residents to use year-round, the Sportsplex helps the City achieve its objectives of improving the quality of life for its residents while minimizing its carbon footprint on the environment.

Sustainable features in this LEED Gold facility include natural lighting, natural finishes to reduce the use of paints, materials with high recycled content, energy-efficient light fixtures, a green roof and extensive site development. The facility also includes a heat recovery system that reuses the heat from the ice refrigeration system to provide heat in the stands and a rain water collection system that reuses water collected from the roof for urinals and toilets. These sustainable design features achieve an estimated 75% energy cost savings for the City.