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Welcoming New Leadership to the Atlantic Region

Ashley Murray Principal Halifax Headshot Banner

Atlantic Canada has witnessed more growth in the past two years than it has in decades. At the heart of the region is our Halifax office, A49’s third largest office in the country. The office is home to some of the country’s most prominent work including superior education and healthcare facilities, vibrant sports and entertainment venues, a steady flow of projects for the Federal Government (PSPC, DND), and a host of projects within our community impact sector. The success of the office is a result of a deep pool of expertise coming from a staff of over 40 employees. As the region continues to grow, we are pleased to be able to expand our leadership and have promoted Ashley Murray to the role of Principal.

Ashley is a skilled architectural technologist and a well-respected project manager. She is the first architectural technologist in our Halifax office to be promoted to the role of Principal. Over the past few years as Ashley transitioned into a team lead, then to project and resource manager, it became evident her leadership skills and respect from her colleagues would be an asset to our leadership team. In her role as Principal, Ashley will bring a new perspective to office operations and help balance the team by providing further opportunity for technical staff and their ideas to be represented.

“I am honored to have a seat at the table in Halifax and work with a long-standing leadership team to continue to diversify our work, grow our team and mentor up and coming technologists. I’m humbled by the immense support received from the Halifax team and looking forward to what we can achieve moving forward” Ashley Murray

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