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Shaping the future of Lab Design: A49's Spotlight at SLCan Annual Conference in Halifax

Halifax, NS - Next week, Halifax will host the annual Sustainable Labs Canada (SLCan) Conference, bringing together laboratory design specialists from across Canada. A49 takes pride in being a Gold level sponsor, showcasing our expertise in cutting-edge laboratory design. Our team members will actively participate in panel discussions and presentations, sharing insights to contribute to the advancement of sustainable lab practices.

A49’s Kevin Humeniuk, National Sector Leader has been a board member of the SLCan team for over a decade. Throughout the years, Kevin has been an active participant in the organization’s annual conference with presentations and panel discussions showcasing his deep understanding of laboratory environment and design trends across Canada. He is currently serving as Vice President of SLCan and is this year’s conference co-chair.

This year’s SL Can Conference will highlight A49’s Ana Coppinger and Kevin Humeniuk in a panel discussion: Never Too Cold, Never Too Clean. The discussion will cover the post-pandemic surge of interest in highly controllable spaces including ISO clean rooms, cold rooms and growth chambers and the invaluable early collaborations with manufactures of these specialty environments to meet the increased demand and schedules to achieve sustainability targets.

From British Columbia, we also welcome Sarmad Al-Mashta and Sakshi Misra who will present The Multi-faceted Benefits of Mass Timber in Science and Tech Through Good Design and Collaboration as part of a concurrent abstract session centred around Institutional Mass Timber Projects from around the world.

A49 looks forward to a substantial presence at the SLCan Conference, reinforcing our commitment to advancing sustainable lab practices and sharing expertise in cutting-edge laboratory design.

About our Presenters and Panelists

Kevin Humeniuk, Architect, National Sector Leader, Science and Technology

Kevin Humeniuk is Architecture49’s National Sector Leader for Science & Technology. For the past 20 years, Kevin has been exclusively involved in research laboratory projects as a project manager, project architect and laboratory planner. Kevin’s attention to detail, his strong leadership and management style allow for expression of ideas and solutions surpassing his clients’ expectations. Kevin is a regular presenter at the Canadian Biosafety Symposium and is also a sitting member of the Expert Working Group and the Biocontainment Engineering Science Working Group supporting the development of the Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines.

Ana Coppinger, Laboratory Designer, Science and Technology

Ana Coppinger is an Architectural Designer at Architecture49 with a deep understanding of planning principles for a wide variety of laboratory typologies. Ana works hands-on with laboratory representatives to assess scientific workflows and processes and excels in developing planning solutions which optimize the use of space and equipment. As a speaker on lab planning at numerous conferences in Canada and the USA, Ana’s capabilities in lab planning have been recognized. Recently, she has been invited by the Canadian government to assist in the development of comprehensive lab planning standards for use by the nine federal research departments.

Sarmad Al-Mashta, Principal Architect, Science and Technology

Sarmad Al-Mashta is a Principal Architect at Architecture49 and an award-winning instructor in the Building Engineering department at Concordia University in Montreal. Sarmad has 28 years of international experience spanning multiple building types and sectors. His current focus is to lead the science and tech project in the Vancouver office. Sarmad firmly believes that architecture is a technology that facilitates life. For him, the built environments inspire human beings and constitute a major factor in their well-being. Guided by this vision, he employs established and emerging technologies to attain excellence and sustainability in the built environment.

Sakshi Misra, Architect, Science and Technology

Sakshi Misra is an Architect who’s work is focused on the science and technology sector on a variety of laboratory typologies. Sakshi is part of national team in A49 team that collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to achieve solutions that correspond to complexities of today’s buildings. Sakshi is involved in 2 major projects and multiple smaller ones including case studies. Sakshi is a pro-active team member who analyzes the complexities of the tasks associated with designing successful solutions.

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