Mid-Term Accommodation Project LEED Certification

In April, our Security & Defence sector celebrated the LEED certification of the Mid-Term Accommodation Project in Ottawa, ON. This office building received LEED-NC v1.0 Gold certification with a total of 40 LEED points (39-51 points required for Gold). The project demonstrates that projects with PWGSC “Secret-level” security requirements can attain formal LEED certification. The project team collaborated with the CaGBC to outline and implement an alternate certification methodology that would not compromise the owner’s security requirements for the project.

Highlights of the project include a rainwater harvesting system, process heat reclaim system for building heating, an under-floor air distribution system, and close to a 95% waste diversion rate. Over 80% of regularly occupied spaces are daylit and over 90% of these spaces achieve views to the outside of the building.

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