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Meet Atlantic Canada’s New Healthcare Practice Leader, Sarah Prodor

Sarah joined Architecture49 Halifax as the Practice Lead for Healthcare in May 2019. Her unique background as a Registered Nurse and an Architect makes her well-suited for her new role. She has worked on the front lines in various healthcare settings as a nurse and has first-hand experience of how design can affect staff, patients and visitors. Sarah’s ability to put herself into the shoes of the clinicians enables her to challenge current policies and procedures and work with staff to streamline processes and create efficient workflows that help to inform the design.

Prior to moving to Halifax, Sarah was practicing architecture in the Yukon. Her Northern experience has taught her about the importance of energy efficiencies and the ability to come up with innovative solutions to delivering projects in remote locations. Practicing in Toronto and Calgary previous to moving up North, Sarah has a variety of work and office experiences. She is excited to bring her knowledge and apply it to the local challenges of Atlantic Canada.

Sarah values communication between clients, contractors and sub-consultants throughout all phases of design. She believes that holistic and evidenced-based architecture can be accomplished by taking time to appreciate the people at the heart of the design.

I am excited to be part of the A49 team and to have the opportunity to work in Atlantic Canada. I look forward to bringing my depth of knowledge in the Healthcare environment to add to A49's experienced team. Together we will create innovative and beautiful design solutions. Sarah Prodor

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