JC Wilt Infectious Diseases Laboratory LEED Certification

In May, our Science and Technology sector celebrated the LEED Certification of the JC Wilt Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory in Winnipeg, MB. This laboratory renovation project received LEED-NC v1.0 Gold certification with a total of 44 LEED points (39 to 51 points required for Gold).

Highlights of the project include a 59% energy cost reduction compared to MNECB 1997 (achieving the maximum of 10 points for energy efficiency), reuse of an existing building, extensive reuse of salvaged and re-purposed building materials, a green wall, and implementation of the Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria for green laboratory design and operations.

The project also dramatically improved the quality of space in the building by increasing the amount of daylight in the building through the introduction of light boxes on the roof and lowering the sills of the existing windows. The project also achieved improved storm water management on site using a series of bio-swales to filter and retain water running off the parking lot.

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