Introducing Western Canada's New Principal Architect

The Western Region of A49 is anchored by our Vancouver office and is known for its strength in delivering major transportation, recreation, and laboratory projects. To grow our practice and provide further support to our team, projects, clients and consultants; I am pleased to formally welcome Sarmad Al-Mashta to the Vancouver office. Sarmad joined A49 in 2021 in Montreal and now resides in Vancouver where he is a Principal Architect leading on some of our largest projects. Sarmad has a strong background in design, project management and digital project delivery. Through his 25+ years in practice, Sarmad brings significant international experience across various sectors and rounds out our leadership in the region.

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Sarmad began his career in architecture working for firms in Jordan prior to immigrating to Canada where he worked for several years in Montreal before relocating in Vancouver. One of Sarmad's incredible qualities is that he excels at both design and digital project delivery. The ability to balance these two strengths is a trait not often possessed by architects. His desire to continue growing, learning and expanding his knowledge after over 25 years in the field is an another admirable quality.

“Buildings are expressions and reflections of our values and culture. As architects, we bear the responsibility to create ones that, in addition, are sustainable and promotes our well being. I am privileged to share my passion and experience with the incredibly talented A49 staff in Vancouver. Collectively we will provide meaningful designs that contribute positively to our built environment and future generations.” Sarmad Al-Mashta

Sarmad is an award-winning lecturer at Concordia University, a position he's held since 2009, where he shares his passion for design, sustainability and technology with students in the Building Engineering department. His experience in teaching makes him a natural teacher in the practice; mentoring and leading our junior designers as they begin their careers.

Sarmad is a welcome addition to our team in Western Canada and the type of person we have been looking for to enhance our talented team. Sarmad has already contributed in a positive manner to our region from leading large projects such as the UBC School of Biomedical Engineering and I look forward to our future with Sarmad’s leadership and mentoring.

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