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Introducing Amanda Austin, Reconciliation Action Plan Facilitator

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Our Commitment to Advancing the Journey for Truth, Healing and Reconciliation

As Canadian society continues to elevate its awareness of the Residential School System, assess the learnings from the Truth and Reconciliation Inquiry, and recognize the inter-generational impacts, we are more aware than ever that we must do our part to advance and support the journey for truth, healing and reconciliation.

Call to Action #92 of the TRC Final Report speaks directly to Canada’s corporate sector and provides a baseline for meaningful engagement. Given our role in planning and building on traditional Indigenous lands, A49 must seek action towards this call.

As an organization, A49 has been working to audit, analyze and engage with our rich national legacy of built relationships, projects and policies. In January 2022, we began a consultation process with Creative Fire - a 100% Indigenous-owned consulting agency and member of the Des Nedhe Group of companies - to create the framework for our first Reconciliation Action Plan.

The A49 Reconciliation Action Plan will serve as our road map and sets forth actionable commitments and goals to implement Indigenous representation in our company and in how we practice, whether through Indigenous procurement of services, cultural design consideration and processes, Indigenous staffing and supply chain management, to name a few. We embark from a strong starting point with lots to build on, however the RAP will take us on a deeper, more structured path, intended to enhance our relationships and project work spanning how we practice, engage, design and give back.

Having acted as A49’s primary point of contact for the development of our A49 RAP, Amanda Austin has been working to facilitate and coordinate our Reconciliation Action Plan framework.

"'s also about how we intend to grow and continue learning as an organization. The aim is to be authentic, and to encourage collaboration, respect and transparency as we continue to set goals that will evolve as we move forward. I'm appreciative of everyone who has given their time, knowledge and support to date - thank you" Amanda Austin

Based out of the Winnipeg office, Amanda originally joined the team as a member of the Landscape Architecture studio. She brings to the table a background in interdisciplinary design and communications, having collaborated as an ally while working alongside First Nations clients in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. We are pleased to formally announce that Amanda has moved into a dedicated role focused on strategizing, facilitating, and implementing the A49 RAP.

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