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Congratulations Rick Taylor on 35 Years of Service!

Rick Taylor Celebrating 35 Years of Service Headshot Banner

Rick, a native of Toronto, relocated to Cornwall in 1987 to join a well-established engineering firm looking to expand their service offerings to include architecture. As we rebranded into Architecture49 Rick’s Cornwall based team became an important piece of our national practice. His 35 years of experience has been instrumental in growing the team into what it is today, a well respected part of our A49 practice in Cornwall and surrounding areas. Rick has built the practice with quality projects which demonstrate that smaller communities can still access good design and leading-edge thinking.

Passionate about art and the colour yellow; he is never without a pencil, sketching every detail by hand. Rick is a remarkable designer and has a great ability to turn a concept into an instant design which often becomes the accepted concept for the remainder of the project. Among other talents, Rick has a natural ability to come up with a wonderfully, not-so-well rehearsed speech, for any function or occasion. You name it, he can cook up a story in the blink of an eye and leave you wondering: what will he come up with next?

Rick and his wife have two grown sons; one of which is following in his father’s footsteps in architecture. He has always immersed himself in the community with local charities and is an avid member of local Rotary and Curling Clubs. When he’s not at work, you’ll most likely find Rick either on the beach near his cottage with his two dogs or at home knee deep in watercolours. His other passions include golfing, racing up and down the slopes of a mountain, or jaunting off to a yoga class.

Rick is described as whimsical, creative, kind, flexible, a great listener and most certainly, generous. His colleagues all consider him a mentor and a friend. We have been very fortunate to have Rick dedicate his passion and energy to the company and to the team. Congratulations on your 35 years of service!

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