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Congratulations Bruno Verenini on your 40 Years of Service with Architecture49!

We all recognize the remarkable badge of professionalism that Bruno wears in his daily life as an architect and the Managing Principal of our Montreal office. Bruno is the consummate architect, able to design, detail, and construct any type of building. He known for his warmth and compassion, his calm demeanor as well as his dedication to his clients.

Early in his career, Bruno was known as a meticulous, orderly architect and like many during the 1990s, a "workaholic". Bruno’s early work includes the $150M transformation of the Sunlife Headquarters in the 1990s and the Casino de Montréal where he received an award for his dedication delivering this project in record time. More recently, Bruno has delivered iconic projects such as the West Block Redevelopment on Parliament Hill.

In addition to the development of his architectural projects, combined with management responsibilities of our Montreal office, Bruno has always remained the same motivated person, listening and seeking the collaboration of all team members. Through the years, he has remained the hard working, patient, respectful, tenacious person, who is at work 7 days a week; the early riser who continues to transmit his emails from 5 am in the morning until midnight when necessary. He enjoys guiding the next generation of designers while continuing to develop his own design techniques, working in a collaborative manner.

We are very fortunate to have Bruno as a member of our leadership team and managing the Quebec region. Congratulations on your 40 years of services and here’s to many more!

Bruno Verenini

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