Congratulations Gill Giles on 50 Years of Service at Architecture49

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Gill has spent most of her career at A49 and its predecessor firm, Smith Carter, and her knowledge, experience and wisdom is truly unparalleled. She is a steward of the company’s rich and colorful past: she has seen it all, remembers it all, and reminds us to keep moving forward. Gill encourages us to be better—both better professionals and more importantly, better people.

Gill has undertaken different roles over the years, and in her current position as a member of the national marketing team, she plays an integral role in the business development initiatives of the Winnipeg office – searching for leads, organizing pursuits, doing research, and tracking information that accompanies these tasks—as well as advising and supporting members of the marketing group across the country.

Gill cares deeply and has the intestinal fortitude to tell you the “hard truth.” Without her sage advice, many of us wouldn’t be in the position that we are, do the work that we do, or have grown as much as we have. She continues to be a reference point for the unique culture of our people and organization, and reminds us not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

When she is not at work, Gill enjoys spending time at the lake, FaceTiming with her family in England, doing needlework, and reading a good mystery novel. She is the first to donate to charitable fundraising at the office, organizes our annual Christmas hampers, and keeps up to date on the family activities of everyone around her.

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