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Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month

A49’s Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Team are passionate about and are committed to the development of well-designed outdoor spaces. These spaces contribute to the well-being of residents and users by enhancing their physical, mental and social development. Well-designed landscapes and urban spaces have transformative abilities, providing opportunities for the creation of icons and landmarks that invite and unite communities. By understanding how people interact with and within these spaces, and by engaging in the practice of collaborative design, our Landscape and Urban Design department creates inspiring spaces that elevate the health, social vitality, safety and sustainability of our communities. Read on to hear what our team members say about the profession and life at Architecture49.

Landscape Architecture Team Headshot Collage
"The climate change and Pandemic has made us rethink about landscape architecture. Landscape design can not be just for beautifying the built forms but it is essential for reducing the carbon footprint to fight the climate change and to build healthy resilient communities. In the integrated design practice at Architecture 49, our LA team gets an opportunity to push the boundaries, to think outside the box and be the Change." Bhavana Bonde, Practice Leader, Landscape Architecture
"As a recent graduate I’m still learning a lot about what it means to be a professional Landscape Architect, but there’s no team I’d rather do it with. Questions are highly encouraged, the work challenges me to grow my skill set, and there’s weekly meetings to keep up with what everyone is doing. Looking forward to the road ahead!" Stef Goldsborough, Landscape Technician
"Landscape architecture is about creating dynamic and accessible outdoor spaces, spaces that inspire and enhance healthy living, build resilient communities, sustain and nourish biodiversity through thoughtful and meaningful design engagement. The landscape team at A49 is professional, thoughtful and innovative. It’s a pleasure to work along side such a wonderful group of professionals." Greg Little, Senior Landscape Technician
"The wide variety of projects we engage in at A49 provide endless opportunities for design exploration and growth as professionals, but at the heart of every project is the desire to design for healthier lives and communities." Matthew Derksen, Landscape Architect
"In the 1800s when cities were experiencing an explosion of development that threatened residents’ quality of life, urban parks were created to improve lives. Today, we’re fighting climate change and Landscape architecture is addressing those issues by making the built environment more energy and carbon efficient. Landscape Architecture is ever evolving, addressing the issues of the time and beautifying our mother earth." Maganjot Kaur, Landscape Technician
"Geoffrey Jellicoe is quoted as saying: "The world is moving into a phase when landscape design may well be recognized as the most comprehensive of the arts. Man creates around him an environment that is a projection into nature of his abstract ideas. It is only in the present century that the collective landscape has emerged as a social necessity. We are promoting a landscape art on a scale never conceived of in history." As a practice, I believe we can’t afford to lose sight of this." Nicole May, Landscape Architect
“Landscape architecture is not just about beautification – our work has the opportunity to connect people to nature, build healthier communities, support local ecology, and combat climate change. Everything we do leaves a footprint, and our team takes that responsibility seriously when designing – but we also have fun doing it!” Nicole Reenders, Intern Landscape Architect

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