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Celebrating 35 Years with Scott Stirton

Scott Stirton Celebrating 35 Years Headshot

Passion, energy, and an unrelenting drive to evolve are some of the qualities that characterize the 35-year career of A49’s CEO Scott Stirton.

It was 37 years ago that Scott joined the company as a student and after signing on as a full-time employee two years later, he never left. The scenery has changed over the years, but Scott is somewhat of a unicorn in modern professional environments, having remained with one company throughout his career. For Scott, growth and change can come in many forms. “To me evolution has not been about being in different places or organizations, but advancing myself, company, relationships, and knowledge base. This organization has always allowed me to take interest and passion and make it central to my focus.”

He is well known amongst his colleagues for being driven and committed to his work and the people of around him. For Glen Klym, the over 19 years working together are some of his favourites. “Scott is by far the best leader I’ve ever worked for,” says Glen. “He has endless energy and goes all in on the things he does. He has a limitless capacity to take on whatever challenges he faces. He is always 100 per cent in the game. He sets a phenomenal example.”

Scott’s values and desire to learn are well known. A key part of his success being the ability to ask questions, empathize and understand the people around him. “I admire his passion and commitment to excellence. He is genuinely interested in seeking out perspectives of others. He’s a very collaborative leader who is always looking to better understand the opinions of people around him,” says Heather Smith.

Being in one organization for so long affords Scott a stability to his professional relationships that he values. He notes that it has been akin to working within a family of people not just an organization. This is especially true of his Administrative Assistant, Mary-Ann Klassen, the duo working together for the past 19 years. “It’s been a rewarding journey of many good memories and engaging conversations working along side a man with great talent and fervor for the practice of architecture and also the practice of life,” Mary-Ann says.

In that same vein, for life in the next 35 years Scott says he hopes to focus on hobbies and family and giving back to the community. His advice, “Seek what has meaning to you and apply yourself towards that. If you can find your passion, there is never a boring day or year for that matter.”

Congratulations on 35 years, Scott!

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