A49 to Design Portal and Elevated Stations for Calgary Green Line Project

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As subcontractor to Bow Transit Connectors for the prominent Calgary Green Line project, A49 is honoured to be part of the design team advancing the mandate from its current schematic stage to its substantial completion planned in 2029. As part of a dynamic design team, including Arcadis-IBI and GEC, A49 embraces a collaborative approach, harnessing the collective expertise and insights of all three architectural teams. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a seamless and successful development process, allowing the Calgary Green Line to truly embody a remarkable testament to urban innovation.

Notably, A49 will design the Eau Claire portal station, a crucial point of the above-ground and below-ground segments in the transit line that enables seamless movement for passengers between these sections. In addition, two elevated stations will also be designed by A49, adding our expertise to these important nodes. Embracing the visionary concepts developed by Calgary's own Jeremy Sturgis architects, the Calgary Green Line stations are inspired by the majestic Chinook winds, the rugged Rocky Mountains, and the nostalgic steam of early locomotives. Our collective efforts aim to ensure a seamless and successful development process, delivering a remarkable outcome for the Calgary Green Line.

“Engaging in a project that advocates for architectural expression, striking a balance between functionality and artistic forms, is an exhilarating endeavor. As the architect for Eau Claire, 26th Ave, and Ramsay/Inglewood stations, A49 is proud to share the trust of the City of Calgary to contribute to these three significant Calgary landmarks.” Stella Nicolet, Managing Principal, Western Region, A49

Phase 1 of the Green Line LRT project will feature the development of the first 18 kilometres of the overall 46-kilometre corridor. With a seamless blend of above-ground and below-ground sections, Phase 1 will build from Shepard in the southeast, where the new Maintenance and Storage Facility will be located on the north side of downtown Calgary. This phase encompasses 13 stations, connecting two existing LRT lines and four MAX BRT routes. At $4.9 billion, it represents the largest infrastructure investment in Calgary’s history.

A49 is honored to play a pivotal role in shaping the Calgary Green Line, and we are dedicated to exceeding expectations, fostering sustainable urban development, and delivering an exceptional outcome for the Calgary community. Together, we embrace the future of transportation, connectivity, and architectural excellence.

To read more about the station design concepts, visit the Green Line LRT Project Website: Station design features | Green Line LRT (calgary.ca)

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