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Architecture49 Winnipeg Team Supports Habitat Manitoba in Building a Sustainable Future

Habitat for Humanity, Winnipeg Team Build Day, Group Photo

Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 14, 2023 - Last month, a dedicated team from our Winnipeg office joined hands with Habitat for Humanity, participating in the construction of their ongoing project on Pandora Ave. West in Transcona. Habitat for Humanity Manitoba is currently overseeing its most extensive development yet, with a mission to provide homes for multiple families in need.

Situated on a sprawling three-acre parcel of land, the project involves the construction of 11 blocks of five townhouses each, creating a total of 55 new homes upon project completion in 2025. These residences will provide shelter for approximately 275 people, including 175 children, offering them a safe and stable environment to grow and thrive.

Habitat for Humanity, Build Day, Winnipeg, Grid of Photos

Fifteen dedicated volunteers from the A49 Winnipeg office lent their time and energy on October 13th to this project, working on-site sheathing floors, standing and plumbing party walls, building and moving scaffolding for window installation, snapping layout lines for wall framing, and maintaining overall site tidiness. Their commitment to the cause was further amplified by the generous contributions of other team members, who donated funds to support the Team Build fundraising initiative. Through these collective efforts, a remarkable $4,516 was raised, surpassing the initial fundraising goal of $4,500.

As Habitat Manitoba progresses with its transformative Pandora Ave. West project, we take pride in our continued support of Habitat for Humanity, working to realize the vision of a more sustainable, inclusive, and compassionate community. Special thanks to all Winnipeg team members who contributed to fundraising efforts and those who rolled up their sleeves on build day and got to work. Your dedication and commitment to this cause embody the spirit of our team and our shared mission to make a positive impact on our community.

Habitat for Humanity Build, Winnipeg Image Grid

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