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Architecture49 Supports Empowerment at Indspire’s 2024 Soaring Event

Architecture49 is proud to support Indspire in championing the pursuit of educational journeys, empowerment, and realized aspirations. We are thrilled to attend Soaring, Indspire's Youth Empowerment Gathering that kicks off tomorrow in Ottawa. Through networking, story-sharing, and panel discussions, this future-ready national gathering offers high school students the opportunity to explore a multitude of career paths and post-secondary education options at a single hybrid event. With workshops focused on career planning, academics, life skills, entrepreneurship, and financial management, Soaring aims to illuminate pathways for the journey ahead.

As a component of the Ottawa based joint-venture Transportation Safety & Technology Science (TSTS) Hub, Architecture49 and B+H Architects will be delivering a collaborative presentation that aims to inspire and engage aspiring design professionals, highlighting the profound impact that the built environment can have on shaping the human experience.

Congratulations to all attendees! We’re excited to meet with you, and wish students every success on their future endeavors, wherever their paths may lead.

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