Architecture49 Designs 35,000 Seat Cricket Stadium

The Canadian Premier League T20 has secured financing for the construction of a 35,000-seat world-class covered stadium for international cricket. Designed by Architecture49 and integrated engineering partner WSP Canada, the stadium will be the first purposed-built covered cricket facility in the world with a natural grass surface and a fixed roof that will allow for maximum sun exposure.

"This is an exciting step forward for our organization," said Toronto entrepreneur Roy Singh, CEO and Chairman of the Canadian Premier League T20. "With this financing we can now move to the next phase of selecting a site and securing further investors for this ambitious project."

The roof form proposed by the design team is a simple elegant shell that will be iconic in its simplicity and distinct from any other stadia that has been created for other sports. The large sweeping structure, which touches the ground at its four corners, plays on the notion that the cricket playing nations will come from the four corners of the globe to play under its unique dome. The roof’s oculus like dome is tilted to the sun and makes a strong reference to the global nations that will assemble to play cricket.

The next step in the development of this project will be to find a definitive site which will be large enough to accommodate the stadium and the required parking.

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