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Andrew Miedzik celebrates 40 years with Architecture49

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Andrew Miedzik began his career with Architecture49 when he came to Canada from Poland via the Middle East and USA, 40 years ago. Throughout that time, he has had the fortune to work in sectors such as performing arts and culture, hospitality, urban design, aviation, and transportation. What stands out the most when speaking with Andrew about his career is how fun he says his experience with architecture has been.

Whether he is in the Middle East designing a national library, hotel resorts in Barbados or Bermuda, or airports in Thompson or Kenora, the unwavering foundation is a passion and commitment to great architecture. Andrew said that the variety he has been afforded in his work could be called luck, an accident or maybe an opportunity but either way it has maintained his love for the job at Architecture49 all these years.

“Andrew has always thought a bit outside the boundaries of simple,” said Robert Eland, who has worked alongside Andrew for the past 20 years. “He has always designed things that are interesting and then worked with the team to figure out how to make it happen.” He goes on to say that Andrew brings his belief in having fun and enjoying his work to his interactions with his colleagues and team. “It’s not a job for him, it’s a calling, and he’s having a good time doing it.”

Albert Paquette agreed, making note of Andrew’s passion, particularly his skill with sketches and artistry. “He is very hands on, and his designs come from his own hand,” says Albert. “He is meticulous and loves to teach and mentor.”

When asked what advice he has for those starting their careers, Andrew says, “don’t get stuck. Try to be involved in as many different projects as possible, because sometimes its more important to figure out what you don’t like than what you do like. By being exposed to different types of projects and variety, it can steer you to what you really like.”

He adds that it is important not to be afraid to take risks when you’re young. “Failure is important. Someone who has never experienced failure, cannot grow properly.”

With 40 years at Architecture49 under his belt, Andrew says he’s not ready to say goodbye yet. And even when that time comes, he says he’d still like to contribute in some way. In the meantime, he is having fun at work and at home, saying, “my future is my grandchildren. I’m having a lot of fun with them and want to help them grow. They are the most important.”

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