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A49 Architectural Technologists Champion Sustainability at Table for 1200 Event

Storefront Manitoba is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting, exploring, and celebrating the design culture in Manitoba. Their mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of design and the built environment in Manitoba through public education. They achieve this by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through research, publications, and a diverse range of programming, including activities, tours, exhibitions, lectures, and events.

One of Storefront Manitoba's annual fundraisers is the Table For 1200 event, a captivating 'pop-up' outdoor dining experience that brings together architecture, design, and the culinary arts. This event provides a unique setting for entertainment and stimulating conversations while raising awareness about the value of architecture, design, and urbanism.

Every year, our Winnipeg team sponsors and attends this exceptional event in support of Storefront Manitoba. The organization's invaluable work helps promote architectural, interior design, and landscape design projects throughout Manitoba, encouraging local professionals to contribute their thoughts, ideas, and designs to enhance the province's built environment.

This past Saturday, team members from our Winnipeg office were in attendance. Our innovative centrepiece design was built by our talented Architectural Technologist team, led by Cybelle Comia and Trang Pham. The captivating centerpiece embodied A49’s commitment to sustainability and technical expertise, reflecting our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship.

The design featured a deconstructed green roof, illustrating the various layers and materials that make up this eco-friendly roofing system. This deconstruction served both as an artistic statement and an educational tool, highlighting the benefits of green roofs over traditional flat roofs. Green roofs are known for their ability to mitigate urban heat islands, provide long-term roof protection, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban spaces. The lush greenery of the design symbolized spring, bringing a touch of nature's renewal to the urban landscape.

By using eco-friendly and recycled materials, the centerpiece not only showcased our design and development expertise from our team of technologists, but also reinforced our commitment to sustainable practices. The display served to educate attendees on the importance and construction of green roofs, aligning with Storefront Manitoba’s mission to promote architectural excellence and sustainability.

Table for 1200 Centrepiece

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