Halifax Grammar School
Halifax, NS

The Halifax Grammar School underwent a renovation and addition to it’s existing Tower Road campus. Every square foot of the School will now offer a setting for learning. By seamlessly blending the classic revival architecture of the Tower Road School with a new and modern facility, the Halifax Grammar School will become a unique and innovative learning environment for the teachers, students and surrounding community.

Understanding that no two students learn in the same way, we are proposing varied learning environments throughout the school and within the instructional spaces that are designed with students’ learning needs in mind. The key design concept of the school is an activity commons flanked by the existing Tower Road School wing and a new classroom wing. These wings cradle a landscaped outdoor courtyard, an interior library courtyard and a large gymnasium and theatre. The stakeholder group has been an important contributor to the design and understands the importance of a shift to a learning environment that fosters experimentation, exploration and peer interaction.

The central theme remains focused on inspiring and motivating students to embrace learning; to pique their curiosity, challenge their intellects and to enjoy the rich social milieu of the school experience. The siting, form and massing of the addition were all carefully considered to accentuate the beauty of the original school, while providing new light filled learning spaces for the students.