Edmonton Medical Examiner’s Office Building Renovation
Edmonton, Alberta

The existing Edmonton Medical Examiner Office Building was built 32 years ago and the demands placed on it now have significantly grown beyond what the facility was intended to accommodate. The expansions and upgrades are critical to supporting the successful delivery of the Medical Examiner’s program services; a lack of sufficient space, particularly for Alberta’s Toxicology Laboratory, is constraining the program required to meet expanding program needs. The current project involves renovations to most of the existing facility, as well as a 460 m² expansion of the morgue and a 550 m² expansion of the toxicology area.  

Modifications include additions/expansion to the toxicology laboratory, garage/receiving area, medical personnel administration suite, autopsy suite, cold storage, toxicology administration suite. This project will address significant health and safety concerns, ensure accreditation of the program and facility is maintained, and will ensure basic program requirements are achieved. Included in the morgue expansion is an approximately 100 m² Containment Level 3 suite. This suite will be constructed with specialized systems and materials, and requires an understanding of the high standard of construction associated with containment laboratories. Continuous operation of the facility with minimal shut down and impact to operations is required.