Rehabilitating the West Block

As a result of a fire that destroyed the Centre Block in 1916, the West Block is the oldest of the Parliament’s Buildings. The load-bearing masonry structure was built in three campaign periods, starting in 1859, and it was completed in 1909 by the Department of Public Works:

The South and East Wings: from 1859 to 1865
The Northwest Wing: from 1875 to 1879
The North Wing: from 1906 to 1909

The West Block is being rehabilitated to meet the current and future needs of Parliamentarians, while respecting its heritage character. In accordance with the Long Term Vision and Plan, the permanent courtyard infill will serve as the House of Commons Chamber during the rehabilitation of the Centre Block. Rehabilitation work began in 2011, and building occupancy is planned for the opening session of Parliament in fall 2018.

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