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Sécurité et défense | Prairies

17 Wing Consolidation

Winnipeg, Manitoba

This design-build project consolidated units and organizations at Fort Osborne Barracks (Winnipeg South) to a new Winnipeg North building complex, following the relocation of 2PPCLI to CFB Shilo. It consolidated the maintenance, supply and transportation functions of the Department of National Defence and includes a Logistics Building with associated warehouse and support spaces, headquarters building housing administrative functions, a 38 Brigade Headquarters building and the Wing Telecommunications and Information Services Squadron (WTISS) in a separate building to meet EMSEC (Emanations Security) requirements.

The facility accommodates multi-functional administrative and support functions including a mix of warehouses, maintenance facilities and offices. The project comprised new construction of existing buildings, as well as exterior site development works, including vehicle access and egress routes, drop-off areas, military vehicle parking area, civilian vehicle parking area, walking paths, outdoor storage, refuse and recycling refuse pick-up areas, emergency accesses, fencing and general landscaping.

A49 prepared a detailed consolidation study, functional space program, Statement of Work, Statement of Construction Options including design criteria, schematic designs and comparative cost estimates, an analysis of delivery methods and a 20-year Business Case Analysis, as well as a detailed Performance Specification, including floor plans, elevations, building sections, finishes schedules, and a multidisciplinary specification.

The project included sustainability content with a quality-based selection process for contractors with 50% of quality-based scoring related to sustainable criteria including promotion of such attributes as natural lighting and avoidance of off-gassing. We created a custom “green” scorecard, adapting the LEED® model to reflect DND priorities.