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La Presse newsroom wins Grands Prix du Design

The La Presse newsroom had been neglected since 2007. La Presse’s major shift to digital provided the impetus for a reinvention of this space. Spread over three levels, the vast newsroom features different interconnecting areas that can be used for a variety of activities. Each level—a partial storey that seems literally suspended in space—is surrounded by glass walls, creating a deliberate effect of vertigo. Along with the abundant use of glass, the clear finishes of the workstations contribute to the overall light, airy look. The place is a palpable hive of activity, and the historic building’s large windows allow curious onlookers from the street outside to gawk at the journalists and artisans toiling away to produce the news inside. The world of media is undergoing fundamental changes, and the innovative architectural choices made in this renovation project are representative of these recent transformations. The volumes are particularly well balanced, and the movement of various lines that criss-cross the space create a highly interesting pattern of intersections. The Office Space, over 20,000 sq. ft. award was presented to the architectural consortium for the mastery and sophistication of this interior design.

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