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Ginoogaming First Nation AHSOR Building

Ginoogaming First Nation, Ontario

Working with Ginoogaming First Nations and along side Health Canada, the growing demands for child care in the community provided an opportunity for our team to reassess the existing needs for the Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Program. This partnership prompted a reevaluation of the Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Program's requirements. A49 undertook a comprehensive study, weighing the advantages and limitations of expanding the existing facility and constructing a new building.

After careful consideration, the community favored a new facility to overcome the limitations of the current structure. The blueprint for the new building revolved around four key divisions, tailored to various age groups: infants, toddlers, preschool children, and an after-school zone for primary students. These distinct spaces converge around a central Elder and Youth Interpretive area, which not only facilitates movement but also accommodates essential supportive spaces and offices throughout the rest of the building.

Externally, the building showcases a resilient cement board siding, while the roof is crafted from durable metal. This endeavor symbolizes not just architectural progression, but a profound commitment to nurturing the community's present and future by delivering a purposeful, innovative childcare solution.