Appointment of Ban Kubba to National Sector Lead, Transportation

Architecture49 is excited to announce the appointment of Ban Kubba to National Sector Lead, Transportation. Ban joined our Vancouver office in 2018 and has helped to build the practice regionally. Ban has worked on the TransLink Marpole Transit Centre, six BC Transit Bus operations and maintenance facilities, and three sky train lines.

In her new role as National Sector Lead, Ban will be relocating to our Toronto office to work alongside our team to deliver mandates such as the RER3 On Corridor Union Station redevelopment and the USEP (Union Station Expansion Program) pursuits and two major Maintenance and Service Facility projects. She will continue to support current clients such as in BC and Alberta.

“Transportation architecture - whether it be airport terminals, metro stations, ports, or transit centres, provides a motionless profile to a dynamic functionality. They not only serve as the stage for an ongoing journey, but also contribute to the first impressions of a city. Our transportation team’s ultimate aim is to build a greener city with more trees and less roads, creating exciting spaces and daily joyful trips - persuading commuters to let go of their personal car spaces and make use of our marvelous public transportation services. Designing transportation spaces is like designing your own house, the end users are your parents, children and grandchildren. You design for your own community.” Ban Kubba, National Sector Leader, Transportation

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