Our Residential practice is experienced in the planning, design and delivery of condominium buildings, apartment buildings, personal homes and cottages. The architectural style of these ‘homes’ is a response to the functional needs and aesthetic sensibilities of our clients as well as the climate, topography, site context and our own architectural vision.

A home is a personal space, whether it is a short-term rental in an apartment building or the ‘forever’ home of our dreams. We strive to create spaces that are meaningful to the people who live there. With individuals creating custom homes, we strive to design spaces that captivate the personality and inspiration of the client in the expression of the home’s exteriors, interiors, lighting and landscapes. For multi-family residential spaces, we work with clients to produce memorable spaces with creative suite layouts, materials, forms and details that will appeal to tenants while responding to the owners’ objectives for building character, functionality, sustainability and sense of place.